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Understanding TMJ Syndrome

TMJ syndrome is a condition that affects the temporomandibular joints on each side of the face. There is a lot that is still to be determined as the cause. The closest the experts have gotten linking it to an incorrect musculature of the jaw. There are also other things that have been linked with it. Grinding teeth are one of them. A a lot of research needs to be put into this topic.

You can in the meantime detect its presence through some simpler symptoms. You can tell it is TMJ what you feel pain in the TMJ areas, or pain when you chew or talk, trouble chewing and swelling near the joints. Recurrent toothaches, headaches, and earaches are also symptoms. Some of these symptoms are so common you may not know their true cause. The good news is you can deal with them through simple pain relief.

Its treatment is thus not an easy thing to do. Most doctors will try and deal with each symptom they encounter. The most common starting point is usually advising you to get some pain and swelling medication. There is also the hot and cold compress for you to think of.

In case you do not get some relief, a dental specialist shall put you on more rigorous medication. They might recommend some muscle relaxers, to ease the tension and the joint area. This shall also relieve the lower clenching in the TMJ area. If you are not willing to go for this medicate, you may receive another option. You may get a mouth guard to help with teeth grinding as you sleep. During the day, you may control the body’s movement. But when you are asleep, you lose the control you had. This is when your jaws will start grinding together involuntarily. This is when you shall feel the benefits of having a mouth guard.

In none of these options bear results, the doctors may then go for surgery. This is normally the last alternative in most extreme cases. This shall need the doctors to deliberate upon for long. There is still the pain and discomfort as the only ways of telling how much it has affected you. This surgery shall be aimed at getting you to a point where you are no longer in so much pain.

The research into this syndrome has not stopped. You can help in this efforts by clearly explaining what it is you are going through. This will determine what solution the doctor come up with. You also need to tell a doctor as soon as possible.

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